Refresh Manager

(Plugin Enable/Disable)


This plugin allows you to change the plugin configuration during the game. 


How to Use

This plugin allows you to change the plugin configuration during the game. You can change the configuration of a specific plugin that didn't use during the game without restarting the program.

To change a plugin configuration scene, you need to call below plugin command.

RefreshManager open

it can create a new plugin configuration and then it loads a map faster without starting the title scene.

Note that this tool can be used only in PC platform and this tool is for game developers, not game user.

If you change a plugin configuration without selecting the plugin in the plugin configuration window, You must call the script code, as follows.

PluginManager.refreshStatus("Community_Basic", false);

In the script command, if you are execute it safety after exiting the current event, You can call below code blocks.

setTimeout(function() { PluginManager.refreshStatus("Community_Basic", false); }, 0);

Change Log

2016.05.16 (v0.0.1) - Beta

2016.05.23 (v1.0.0) - Added new function and Fixed a bug.

2016.05.23 (v1.1.0) - Added the window auto reload function and the preview window that could be able to show the json file.

2016.07.12 (v1.1.01) - Added two plugin parameters about File Path.

2016.07.20 (v1.1.02) - Added hyphen(-) and three plugin parameters.

2016.07.21 (v1.1.03) - Fixed the bug that is separating wrong identifier.

2016.07.25 (v1.1.04) - Fixed default save file id.

2016.08.07 (v1.1.05) - Fixed save bug.

2016.12.08 (v1.1.08) - Added code to remove references to URL objects.

2017.01.08 (v1.1.1) - Converted sources to ES6

2018.02.27 (v1.1.2) : RMMV 1.6.0

- Now that it will be restored as the previous plugins.js file after exiting the game.

- Fixed an encoding of of text in the preview window.

2019.09.19 (v1.2.0) : 

- Fixed the bug that is not parsed the plugin parameter that is written with Korean.

- Removed the unstable JSON parser that I've written while studying the compiler theory.

2020.01.13 (v1.2.1) :

- Fixed the bug that is not working a function called 'PluginManager.refreshStatus("Community_Basic", false);'

- Fixed the issue that can't show the content of preview window.