Refresh Manager

(Plugin Enable/Disable)


This plugin provides functionality to enable or disable any plugin immediately.

This plugin allows you to enable or disable certain plugin while the game. Sometimes any plugin should deactivate until a certain time. But these things were impossible without restarting the game by pressing the key called 'F5' after re-editing the file called 'plugins.js' by using Plugin Manager during the game. But, Using this plugin is possible to rewrite its plugin configuration files without executing Plugin Manager during the game. 


This plugin only have to use in PC that can be able to use a File System API of node.js.

- Need to be backup the project in advance before this plugin uses.

- This plugin should always be a last resort.


▲ plugin status preview window (option)

How to Use

You can execute Refresh Manager that could be change the plugins.js file, via the following plugin command. This plugin will modify the plugin's status directly. Unfortunately, this way is not recommended in RPG Maker MV, because the changed configuration file could be applied after it restarts the project, in RPG Maker. So, testing the builded game in specific game folder is better for your project than testing the game directly, In RPG Maker MV.

RefreshManager open

If you want to automatically change the status of the certain plugin, you will be able to write the code as follows. and you should write the status parameter having the same value as one of true or false.

PluginManager.setStatus('PluginsName', status);

Change Log

2016.05.16 (v0.0.1) - Beta

2016.05.23 (v1.0.0) - Added new function and Fixed a bug.

2016.05.23 (v1.1.0) - Added the window auto reload function and the preview window that could be able to show the json file.

2016.07.12 (v1.1.01) - Added two plugin parameters about File Path.

2016.07.20 (v1.1.02) - Added hyphen(-) and three plugin parameters.

2016.07.21 (v1.1.03) - Fixed the bug that is separating wrong identifier.

2016.07.25 (v1.1.04) - Fixed default save file id.

2016.08.07 (v1.1.05) - Fixed save bug.

2016.12.08 (v1.1.08) - Added code to remove references to URL objects.

2017.01.08 (v1.1.1) - Converted sources to ES6

2018.02.27 (v1.1.2) : RMMV 1.6.0

- Now that it will be restored as the previous plugins.js file after exiting the game.

- Fixed an encoding of of text in the preview window.



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