This plugin allows you to start playback of the YouTube video. 

In general, In Android Chrome and Mobile Safari, It doesn't automatically start playback. and you can also stop the video by clicking around the YouTube video. If you watches the video until the end, This plugin will automatically end the video playback.

Plugin Commands

This plugin command will start playback of the YouTube video. Please enter the URL as follows. If the Internet had not connected, It could have caused the error.

YTPlayer play URL

YTPlayer play

YTPlayer play

YTPlayer play

Stop playback of the YouTube Video.

YTPlayer stop

Mobile Compatibility Table

Auto PlaySpeed
Firefox for AndroidFALSESlow
Chrome for AndroidFALSENormal
Cordova BrowersFALSENormal
Intel XDK (HTML5 + Cordova)TRUEFast

Change Log

2016.05.08 (v1.0.0) - First Release

2016.05.09 (v1.0.1) - Added Error Handler

2016.05.12 (v1.0.2) - Fixed a function that parses a URL.

2016.07.04 (v1.0.3) - Fixed a few logic about the range were converted to Rectangular object.

2016.10.06 (v1.0.4) - Added Canvas Filter (This function require my CSS Canvas Filter plugin)

2016.12.10 (v1.0.5) :

  - Added a plugin parameter about video quality settings.

  - Added the ability to play YouTube videos from a specified time.

2017.08.31 (v1.0.6) :

  - Added a feature that the video size sets up with a fullscreen mode.

  - Added a feature that can set the video to loop.


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Terms of  Use

Free for commercial and non-commercial use