Hangul Message System (한글 메시지 시스템)

Whenever you begin a message window, you have get a overhead due to a lot of the texts are drawn. But, The message window is still one of the most important in the RPG Maker. So this plugin allows you to provide extra colors and text codes and change some message properties and this is optimized for Korean, so many of text codes provide as Korean.

Hangul Name Input (한글 이름 입력)

It is hard to implement a name input due to there is a total of 11,172 combinations of Korean, so it does not support the Korean combinations in RPG Maker MV. So I've made this stuff that is possible to combine a Korean and type it. This plugin provides a keyboard that allows you to type in Korean or other native language in the Name Input Processing. 

RPG Maker MV (including IME)  - https://biud436.tistory.com/23

RPG Maker MV (Non-IME) - https://github.com/biud436/MV/raw/master/RS_Window_KoreanNameInput.js

Hangul Input (한글 입력)

This plugin allows you to type the Korean and you can notify a combination result to the certain game variable.

RPG Maker MV - https://github.com/biud436/MV/raw/master/RS_HangulInput.js

RPG Maker VX Ace - https://github.com/biud436/RGSS3/raw/master/RS_HangulInput.rb

Hangul Bitmap Text (한글 비트맵 텍스트)

This plugin allows you to draw the bitmap text in Korean. Whenever texts are drawn, it is created a lot of textures and send to GPU, so it may be the performance penalties in the less powerful devices. To resolve this, You should re-use textures using the bitmap text. The Pixi library has good support for Bitmap Texts, so I've added the piece of code for Korean supports.

RPG Maker MV - https://github.com/biud436/MV/raw/master/Hangul/RS_HangulBitmapText.js



RPG Maker VX Ace - https://github.com/biud436/RGSS3/blob/master/RS_HangulBitmapText.rb

Hangul Damage (한글 데미지)

This plugin allows you to show up the damage value with Korean.

RPG Maker MV - http://biud436.tistory.com/92

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