When you are walking around, this plugin automatically plays the footstep sound.

How to Use

Before you start downloading this plugin, should know that this plugin will require some sound effects. That file type of sound effects is the .wav file. But, Wav types does not supported by RPG Maker MV. However, You can solve it by adding a wav plugin. wav plugin can download via this link

▲ audio/wav Folder

1. First step is to add sound effect files on the audio/wav folder. Sound effects files of YouTube video can download via this link

2. Second step is to add this plugin file on the js/plugin folder. 

▲ Database - Tileset

3. Third step is to set the following note tag on the database-tileset-note.

<Step Sounds>

4. Fourth step is to set the following terrain tag on the database-tileset. (This plugin distinguishes the footstep sound effects via the terrain tag)

  • Dirt Terrain / 1
  • Snow Terrain / 2
  • Stone Terrain / 3
  • Water Terrain / 4
  • Wood Terrain / 5

5. In the Option, It is possible to control the volume value of footstep sound.

▲ Sound Option

Change Log

2015.12.26 (v1.0.0)- First Release.

2016.03.04 (v1.0.1)- Added the comments for include used files (added the note called @requiredAssets which is added in 1.1.0 version)

2016.03.05 (v1.0.2) - Fixed the class structure.

2016.03.10 (v1.0.3) - Fixed the sound option.

2016.09.14 (v1.0.4) - Fixed the issue that the step sound property is initialized to the false in ConfigManager.

2016.12.05 (v1.0.5) - Fixed the value of ConfigManager.stepSound

2017.02.26 (v1.0.6) - Fixed a bug that is not configurable the config value called 'stepSound' as true when starting the game.

Download Link

This plugin can be found in the following link.

Download this when you use the wav file.

Wav file supports :

Wav File Encryption Tool :

Plugin Download(GitHub RAW) :

Download this when you use the Ogg file.

Plugin Download(GitHub RAW) :