This plugin displays an event's name above a head on event.

How to Use

If it sets the note, you can show an event's name above a head. you can set the various color by using the note.

// You can display the name of an event above a head by using the following format.

@color[red, green, blue]

▲ White Color

▲ Emerald Color

Change Log

2015.11.11 (v1.0.0) - First Release Date

2015.11.24 (v1.2.0) - Added New Function

2016.03.25 (v1.3.0) - Added New Function called updateScale(). This means that the text is zoomed in more and more if the mouse pointer is located over the text.

2016.03.26 (v1.3.1) - Added Vehicle.

2016.05.05 (v1.3.2) - Updated Vector2 Class

2016.05.20 (v1.3.3) - Fixed issues that can cause an increase of opacity and the memory leak. (Issues #1)

2016.05.21 (v1.3.4) - Fixed issue that causes the memory leak. 

2016.05.28 (v1.3.5) - Fixed Color Bug.

2016.08.20 (v1.3.6) - Fixed the issue that was not working the name toggle option.

2016.09.27 (v1.3.7) - The visible setting sets as the false before calling the battle.

2016.09.28 (v1.3.8) - Fixed the issue that occurs when the player is not existed.

2018.10.22 (v1.3.9) :

- Fixed the bug that vehicle name shows up even in the map that the vehicle didn't set.

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Terms of Use

Free for commercial and non-commercial use