When you press the back button when playing the game on Android, the game application ends completely, But it would be better if this displayed the information dialog about exiting the game. So we need to disable the default behavior of the back button on Android.



You will need to have installed the 'cordova-plugin-dialogs' plugin in Cordova CLI. 

In case of using a cordova-cli, Before you start build your mobile applicationyou need to attempt as below. 

if your Cordova version is to 7 or more, you can easily add the plugin by calling as below command:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-dialogs

After setting up a Cordova plugin, Download the plugin and place it in your project/js/plugins folder, 

then In Plugin Manager, select the RS_ExitDialog plugin and add it.

Plugin Commands

This plugin does not provide plugin commands



Change Log

2016.04.07  - Added plugin parameters.

2016.05.29  - The incorrect character fixed.

2016.12.19  - Removed a functionality that shows up the dialog only in the title scene.

2017.01.13 - Fixed a bug that causing when pressing a back button several times.