This script allows you to use a full keyboard access and mouse input in the RPG Maker VX Ace.

How to Setup

Insert a new script between below Materials and above Main.


Supports All Key Input

Shows mouse pointer

- Supports Mouse Input

- Smart Move (A*)

- Mouse Wheel Extension

- 목적지 좌표 표시 기능.

- Supports Unicode Window Title


To use this code called 'p', You can output the string to the console for debug.

These functions are checking whether certain key is pressed.

You can use the key name as string type. 

for example, the virtual keycode of the letter named 'a' returns 65.

p"]" if"]")

p"[" if"[")

p";" if";")

p'"' if'"')

p">" if">")

p"<" if"<")

p"?" if"?")

p"\\" if"\\")

p"-" if"-")

p"+" if"+")

p"~" if"~")

You can also use the virtual keycode to parameter 1.

The keycode value called 221 is the same as the letter called ']'

p"]" if Input.trigger?(221)

in case of used the symbol, you can use like as at the following code! 

You can see that, the symbol starts with the colon(:)

p"backspace" if

if you need to change the mouse icon, 

You will gonna insert a new note tag in the event editor, as follows.


The 'X' is an index value into the icon set.


Link -

DLL (Mouse Wheel Extension) -