This plugin allows you to implement a ghost effect to a game character. 

Note that this plugin only works in WebGL mode.

Korean Translation(한국어 번역) :



How to use

In the event command called 'Set Move Route',

To activate ghost mode, you call the following script code:


To disable ghost mode, you call the following script code:


Plugin Commands

All of the effects has a lifeTime.

After that time, the effect pattern will be changed.

The time unit is milliseconds,

so setting it to 100 will result in 0.1 second.

GhostEffect lifetime 100

If the threshold is close to 1, the effect may be reduced.

GhostEffect threshold 0.7

When the value approaches 0.0, it would look like the paper burning.

GhostEffect xoffset 0.07


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Download2 - Directly Download

Version Log

2019.01.19 (v1.0.0) - First Release.