This extension will cover setting up or playing YouTube video in Visual Novel Maker.


You can install the extension using [Tool - Extension Manager] after downloading extension file called

So you can choose YouTube Player within Collections list and then create a new record and do set the video quality or video size inside the window.

See the movie tab in an event command, so there is a new command called 'Play YouTube Video'.

You can do type the video URL inside the text area and would play the YouTube video during the game.


MIT License


Link -

Change Log

 2018.08.23 (v1.0.0) - First Release.

 2018.08.24 (v1.0.1) : 

 - Now YouTube Player would control parameters using Record Manager.

 - YouTube Player could return as the previous scene after finished the video.

 - Added setSize method.

 2018.08.24 (v1.0.2) - Supported for Action-based UI.