This plugin allows you to display certain character inside a mirror. 

How to use

If there were many mirrors placed on the map, you will have to be very careful. That's because the performance can slow when the main logic calculates a position of certain game character image inside the mirror every frame. (I did a lot of performance testing since a last month, but it is still poor performance)

To show up the game character image inside the mirror, You can set up the comment in a mirror event and change an image as mirror.

   Try to set up this comment to player and player's followers :

       <MIRROR_NORMAL : 0>

   Try to set up this comment to certain event :


   Try to set up this comment to player and player's followers :

       <MIRROR_DRESSER : 0>

   Try to set up this comment to certain event :


Plugin Commands

The following commands have the ability to show or hide characters inside a mirror.

Mirror Show

Mirror Hide


You'll find the final version of this plugin as follows and then you are possible to download it and place it in your game project's js/plugins folder and set up it in Plugin manager (you can also modify a plugin file name as you want it)

Github RAW -

Demo (4.65MB, RPG Maker MV v1.6.1) -


Q. How to change a scale of the mirror image?

A. It is possible to change a scale of it using a script calls that look like this : 

RS.MirrorArea.Params.allScale.x = 1.0;

RS.MirrorArea.Params.allScale.y = 1.0;

But note that all the images apply only once when you are starting the game map.

Change Log

You are possible to use this plugin but note that this is a test version. 

2016.12.07 (v0.0.1) - Beta.

2016.12.08 (v0.0.4) :

- Fixed an issue that events are not displayed in the mirror.

- Added a dresser for a decoration.

- Added a toggle functionality in blur filter.

- Changed the name of the plugin command.

2016.12.08 (v0.0.5) - Fixed an error that could not find a list of events when there was an erased event.

2016.12.09 (v0.0.6) - Fixed an error that could not find deleted events in the event list.

2016.12.10 (v0.0.7) - Fixed the problem that could not find event ID of an event when you loaded saved file.

2016.12.16 (v0.0.8) - Fixed a scale and the scale mode in the mirror sprite.

2017.06.10 (v0.0.9) - Fixed the mask issue in RMMV 1.5.0 version.

2018.08.21 (v0.0.10) - Fixed the bug that causes a new error after dissecting a long method as small pieces of code.

Terms of Use

Free for non-commercial and commercial use