This plugin provides a powerful way to change the resolutions for your game. 











On platforms such as PC and Mac, You may need to use the resolution select option. However, if your game is running for less powerful devices such as Android, iOS. its option is negligible. So this plugin was splitted two files for its purpose.


** for PC : 

You must need to use two script files. In case of file. it provides the source map in your developer tools. Note that you have to place them into js/plugin folder. and then you only load the file called RS_ScreenManager.js in the Plugin Manager.


RS_ScreenManager.js - -


** for Android, iOS : 

RS_ScreenManager.js -


Change Log

2016.10.04 (v1.0.0) - First Release.
2016.10.24 (v1.0.1) - Added a resolution option to the game options.
2016.11.26 (v1.0.2) - Added the function recreates the current scene and also added plugin parameters about in mobile device (However, this is optional if you need to use) And now this will be added the default array that has a screen resolutions when without required library.
2017.05.28 (v1.0.3) - Added a new feature that the game screen size changes automatically depending on an aspect ratio of the screen on mobile device.
2017.05.29 (v1.0.4) - Added a new feature that can apply a custom aspect ratio.
2017.05.30 (v1.0.5) :
- Added a new feature that is resized the game screen when starting the game.
- Fixed the problem that is not fitted a size of the background image to a new screen size after resizing the screen.
2017.05.30 (v1.0.6) :
- Fixed the function that gets the width or the height of the screen on mobile.
- Added a new feature that relatively changes the area of the UI.
2017.06.12 (v1.0.7) :
- Fixed the parameter about default screen width and height.
- Fixed an issue to incorrect scale the background (Scene_Title, Scene_MenuBase, Scene_Gameover)
- Fixed the default value of the 'Resize All Windows' parameter is to false.
2017.11.24 (v1.0.8) :
- Fixed some issues that are not working in RMMV 1.6.0 (Beta)
- Now this plugin doesn't use the node webkit extension.
2018.06.05 (v1.0.9) :
- Updated and Fixed the library correctly for getting the all resolutions.
- Added plugin parameters for setting the size of the screen (RPG Maker MV 1.5.0 Features)
2018.08.01 (v1.0.10) - Added the try-catch statement.
2018.09.02 (v1.0.11) - Fixed the method name called 'rescaleSprite' is to 'requestStretch' due to a crash.
2018.10.11 (v1.0.12) :
- In the RPG Maker MV 1.6.1, Fixed the version of the node module is to 9.11.1.
- Fixed the bug that the screen does not align properly to center.
2018.10.23 (v1.0.13) :
- Added the feature that would save the option to a manifest file when closing the window in RPG Maker MV v1.6.1.
- Added the localization text for 'Windowed Mode'.
2018.11.08 (v1.0.14) :
- Fixed the issue that is not set the size of the Graphics object with an aspect ratio when initializing.
2019.03.22 (v1.0.16) :
- Fixed an issue that initial resolution was set incorrectly.
- The Resolution Option is no longer displayed on the mobile (because it's unstable)
- Added JSON Beautifier option in the package.json file.
- In the Test-Play mode, Now the alert window is not shown. (1.5.2 or less)
2019.05.27 (v1.0.17) :
Fixed the error that is always indicated the NaN when it couldn't load the addon.
2019.12.16 (v1.0.18) :
- Picture rescaling added.
2020.01.09 (v1.0.21) :
- Fixed the bug that couldn't change the scale of picture properly.
- Added the scaled battle background and then reposition actors (vanilla mode only)
2020.02.11 (v1.1.0) :
- Removed ScreenManager that can change the resolution during the game.
- Removed Node library dependency.
- Removed a feature that does resizing or scaling an actor's sprite.
- Removed localization feature.

Terms of Use

Free for commercial and non-commercial use.