This plugin allows you to draw multiple HUD during the battle.

To use this add-on, You must have RS_HUD_4m 1.1.3, or later versions. 

This plugin is supported to draw the Active Time Battle gauge if you are using ATB plugins.

If you are using plugins such as YEP_X_BattleSysATB or Ellye_ATB or VE - Active Time Battle or MPP_ActiveTimeBattle,

You can display a new gauge.

But if you were not using them, It wouldn't show a new gauge. 

How to setup

To use this add-on, You must have RS_HUD_4m 1.1.3, or later versions. An add-on plugin also requires a new image. Click the following link, and then Right-Click the image and Select the button called Save image as.

Image Link :

After that, Copy the image called 'hud_window_empty_inBattle.png' to img/pictures folder. The following demo game shows the example. (For information about the add-on, see RS_HUD_4m_InBattle plugin on the demo game.)

Demo Game :


Main :

Addon :

Change Log

2016.05.21 (v1.0.0) - First Release Date

2016.05.28 (v1.1.0) - Added Active Turn Battle (require YEP_BattleEngineCore and YEP_X_BattleSysATB)

2016.06.30 (v1.1.1) - Added the parameter that displays the values with commas every three digits.

2016.08.07 (v1.1.2) - Fixed the issue of the function for drawing status icon (check the latest commit)

2016.09.05 (v1.1.3) - Now you can change the image file name, and can also be used the option called 'exclude the unused files'.

2016.09.26 (v1.1.4) - Added Custom Anchor.

2016.10.08 (v1.1.5) :

 - Added the plugin parameter that could be configurable the property of TP text.

 - Fixed the bug that the opacity is not returned as a previous opacity when certain party member is revived.

 - Fixed the bug that the technical point gauge does not display.

2016.10.11 (v1.1.6) :

 - Fixed the bug that happens when certain party member is removed.

 - Fixed the bug that is not controlled the opacity of HUD.

2016.12.22 (v1.1.7) :

 - Now this plugin does not provide the functionality to automatically adjust transparency and tone changes due to poor performance in canvas mode of mobile device.

 - The text elements perform an update through the event handler.

 - Fixed an issue that plugins did not work due to image position data parsing errors in crosswalk.

 - Fixed an issue that can not be saved due to this update.

2017.01.26 (v1.1.8) :

- Fixed a bug that is not working to preload

- Added a new parameter that could increase the number of the HUD.

- Added parameters for user custom HUD position.

- Fixed an issue that is not working in battle test mode

2017.02.11 (v1.1.9) : Fixed an issue that the hud is set in an incorrect position when adding a new party member.

2017.04.13 (v1.2.0) - Fixed the issue that the parameters update function is properly not working in case of you're not using the battle addon, in a community version.

2017.06.08 (v1.2.1) - Fixed the issue that is not displaying specific image in RMMV 1.5

2017.06.22 (v1.2.2) - Extended as the ATB gauge bar to support Victor Engine ATB or Ellye ATB plugins.

2017.09.17 (v1.2.3) - Fixed the bug that causes the error when restarting the game.

2017.10.26 (v1.2.4) - This plugin has applied with the new plugin manager features in the plugin parameters.

2018.05.09 (v1.2.5) - Fixed an issue that is not showing the image after it has been added.

2019.11.19 (v1.2.6) :

- Supported a plugin called 'MPP_ActiveTimeBattle'

Terms of Use

Free for commercial and non-commercial use