This plugin allows you to enable the light filter such as a lantern on the map. 


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Note that you must use this plugin in RPG Maker MV v1.5.1 or more.

Plugin Commands

This plugin commands allow you to enable or disable a lantern.

RS_SimpleLight Enable

RS_SimpleLight Disable

Change Log

2016.02.13 (v1.0.0) - First Release

2018.12.30 (v1.1.0) : 

I've been rewritten a filter for RPG Maker MV v1.6.1

- Fixed the uniform location error in fragment shader. 

- Removed some plugin commands such as 'tight', 'offset', 'tone' or more.

2019.02.24 (v1.1.01) :

- Fixed an issue that is not loaded a save file that you saved before using this plugin.

Terms of Use

Free for commercial and non-commercial use