This plugin allows you to create the screenshot file in the screenshots folder when you are taking the screen shots by using pressing specific key.

In ScreenShots Preview Window, It shows the file name at the left top of the screen and plays the sound when you are taking the screenshots. So its window allows you to distinguish between screen shots and normal game screens.

Change Log

2015.12.22 (v1.0.0) - First Release.

2016.03.20 (v1.0.1) - Added parameter called key.

2016.08.13 (v1.0.2) - Added preview window.

2016.11.27 (v1.0.3) - Added the code that can delete the texture from the memory.

2016.11.27 (v1.0.4) : Fixed preview window in the html format instead of an image.

 - Displays the name of the screen shot file in the preview window.

 - Plays the sound when you are taking a screenshot.

2016.12.08 (v1.0.42) - Added code to remove references to URL objects.

2018.02.27 (v1.0.5) :

- Fixed the getPath function issue in RMMV 1.6.0.

- Changed the source code for RMMV 1.6.0.

2018.04.25 (v1.0.6) - Added a feature that allows you to select the file format in the screenshot.

2019.03.13 (v1.0.7) :

- Fixed the issue that is not showing the image to preview window in the RMMV 1.6.2

2020.02.22 (+) : 

- some line changed (related with 'promisify' [ES6] )

2020.07.07 (v1.0.8) :

- Added in-game screenshot preview window [ES6]